Sean P Reilly is the Vice President of Business Development at Avionica, the leading aeronautic data collection and data transmission manufacturer based in Miami. Reilly’s background in aviation includes being actively involved in EFBs and aircraft connectivity for more than 15 years. Sean has an extensive background in airline operations, flight systems, maintenance, hardware certification and airline operational approvals for EFBs and data connectivity products. He led EFB certification and operational approval efforts on more than 10 aircraft types from multiple EFB vendors and airlines, including the first Jeppesen Class 2 EFB certification on a B737 in November 2005, and the first Class 3 EFB on an A320 running both certified and uncertified application on a single processor EFB, along with own ship position on a Terminal Chart. Before joining the company in 2015, Reilly is known for his years of experience in aviation has made him to be a global leader in design, certification and implementation of an EFB platform and Connected Aircraft implementation. Sean has brought his 25+ years of experience to Avionica in Miami, Florida.  Sean holds a degree in Economics from the University of North Carolina and is also a Type Rated Commercial Pilot. Contact: