The largest airlines choose to attend the Global Connected Aircraft Summit. 

Join over 300 aerospace executives at the Global Connected Aircraft Summit (GCAS) to hear the latest updates on inflight connectivity and how airlines can maximize their customers’ inflight experience. Plus, all airlines employees receive complimentary registration.

Each year the GCAS expands to connect business, technology, and industry perspectives – beyond just in-flight entertainment – to include operations, communications and technologies that impact aircrafts.

This is a must-attend event for all airline executives! Here’s why…

  1. STILL CONFUSED ABOUT SATELLITE? DON’T BE! At AIX, we heard of one major North American airline going to a well-known satellite operator still confused about satellite. This is nothing new. At the Global Connected Aircraft Summit, world-renowned experts, NSR will demystify satellites and satellites technology in an exclusive breakfast briefing which will shed light on how airlines can make decisions based on satellite connectivity. This is a MUST attend for airlines, and this briefing is exclusive to the Summit.
  2. AIRPLANES AND THE CYBER QUESTION – UNIQUE KEYNOTE AND INTERACTIVE SESSIONAt CyberSat last year, Ken Munro, Partner, PenTest Partners (an ethical hacker) stole the show by pointing out the vulnerabilities in satellite equipment and how they could be open to a cyber attack. He was also able to show in real time which ships actually on the ocean could be vulnerable to a cyber attack. Munro has now been working in the field of aviation and will be presenting findings at the Global Connected Aircraft Summit.In another cyber exclusive, Alaska Airways CISO, Jessica Ferguson will host an exclusive interactive session/workshop looking at cyber issues to impact aircraft. This will be a must attend for those wanting to learn more about the cybersecurity issues that will face airlines in the future.
  3. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE INFLUENCERS – WE HAVE THEM – AND NOT JUST IN THE AIRLINE INDUSTRY Airlines always want to learn from other industries. They are still new want to learn from the connectivity world on how they can improve the overall experience for passengers. One of the major speakers we have coming to GCAS this year is John Padgett, Chief Experience Officer, Carnival Cruises who will be speaking at GCAS for the first time this year.
  4. A MASH-UP PANEL TO KICK THINGS OFF UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN TO KICK OFF AN AIRLINE CONNECTIVITY EVENT Imagine putting together on a panel, one of the world’s leading news broadcasters (CNN), a business jet operator (JetSuite X), some of the US’s major airlines, (Delta and Southwest), one of the Middle East’s biggest airlines (Qatar), as well as one of the leading technology companies in this sector (SmartSky). It brings together people that don’t usually share panel time together but have one thing in common, they are ‘influencers’ in these areas.
  5. THE BEST ENHANCED NETWORKING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN AT AN AIRLINE CONNECTIVITY EVENT At GCAS this year, we will offer a ‘business class’ networking experience which we are bringing for the first time this year to the event. For just under two hours, there will be small roundtables where our major airline influencers have come up with major topics of interest and will lead small networking groups and discussions of interest. As a delegate to the Summit, you will be able to join these group, and join in small discussion groups, invariably with at least one airline involved in the best networking of its type to talk about the things that really matter.
  6. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: WE HAVE GOT THAT COVERED, HAVE YOU? GCAS has a history of industry firsts in bringing West Coast influencers to talk to airlines. Last year, we had Michael Tchao, head of iPad at Apple keynote the event. Over the last two years, we have had Oracle, Facebook, Google, Netflix among others speak to the airline crowd. This year, we will go into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With a star studded panel featuring the likes of Boeing, Airbus, IBM and Google, we bring a different look to AI which is sure to be of huge interest to our airline delegates and friends at GCAS.
  7. A SHOW FOR TECH GEEKS – THE LATEST AND GREATEST TECHNOLOGY ON DISPLAY One of things that sets GCAS apart is we have a unique heritage when it comes to satellite technology in particular. This is the one event that brings the operators, the service providers, the antenna manufacturers, the integrators all together under one roof to talk technology.
    Avionics Internationals’s
     editor-in-chief, Woodrow Bellamy III is the very definition of an influencer in the avionics world. We’re using his expertise and network to bring some cutting edge content for airlines on the operations side. At no other connectivity event, will you see such a mix of airline job titles speaking about connectivity and we drill deeper into operations questions than any other similar event.
  9. GCAS IS THE INDIE KID WHICH PROVIDES WAY MORE EDGE THAN MAINSTREAM EVENTS At GCAS this year, you can learn from commercial airlines such as Alaska Airways, Aeromexico, Air Canada, Allegiant, AirBridge Cargo, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Southwest, United, WestJet. Business jet operators like JetSuite X, WheelsUp and XOJET will be speaking. We have already mentioned the likes of Boeing, Airbus, Google, Carnival Cruises, IBM. We have one of the top influencers in the satellite industry, Mark Dankberg, the CEO of Viasat speaking exclusively again at GCAS for the second straight year. And we have major speakers from the likes of SmartSky, Astronics, Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Intelsat, SES, Phasor, HCL among others. GCAS is edgy, attracts speakers other events don’t and provides a unique forum to learn about connectivity.
  10. GCAS IS NOT JUST AN EVENT, IT IS AN EXPERIENCE The best speakers, the best networking, the edgiest topics, a unique community. Still need to be convinced? GCAS will be held at the beautiful Torrey Pines, the site of one of the US’s most iconic golf courses (of the same name). It is all about the ‘experience’, all about offering our community the best experience when having discussions. From enhanced networking, super cool evening receptions, to cutting edge content, GCAS aims to have it all. So, if you are an airline reading about this event for the first time, what are you waiting for? This uber-hip three day event will provide you everything you need and more. Naturally, as an airline it is ‘free’ for you. So, come to San Diego, come to Torrey Pines and experience it for yourself.


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