The guest on this episode is Air Canada 787 Pilot, and director of standards and compliance for Aero HygenX, JP Floyd.

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, JP Floyd, Air Canada 787 Pilot and Senior Director of Compliance and Standards for Aero HygenX, joins to discuss autonomous aircraft disinfection technology.

Aero HygenX is a Canadian tech startup founded by pilots and experts in aircraft maintenance. The company has developed an autonomous robot called “Ray” that uses UV-C technology and motion sensors to self-navigate the aircraft cabin while disinfecting air and surfaces throughout. Several airlines including Avelo Ethiopian Airlines and Zambia Airways have adopted their robot disinfection technology.

Floyd also provides some perspective on some of the challenges of flying throughout the pandemic over the last two years as well as some of the goals Aero HygenX wants to achieve with its disinfection technology.

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