Philippe Scherlet, Vice President of Aviation, Telesat, pictured here during his appearance on a panel discussion from the 2022 Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit, is one of the three guests on this episode. Other guests include executives from SpaceX and OneWeb.

On this episode of the Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast, executives from OneWeb, SpaceX, and Telesat discuss the future of Low Earth Orbit (LEO)-powered in-flight connectivity for commercial airlines and business jet operators during an hour-long session at the 2022 Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit.

Would LEO satellite networks be capable of providing connectivity to every airborne aircraft in U.S. airspace simultaneously at any given time in the future? Will more airlines be receptive to SpaceX’s direct-to-airline LEO IFC equipment and service business model? What type of connection speeds and improvements in latency can LEO provide for connected in-flight passenger sessions? Will LEO satellites provide connectivity to airlines that fly polar routes?

During this exciting session recorded live during the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit last month, the following executives answer the above listed questions and more:

  • Jonathan Hofeller, VP, Starlink Commercial Sales, SpaceX
  • Philippe Scherlet, VP, Aviation, Telesat
  • Jason Sperry, Market Development Director, Business Aviation, OneWeb

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