The 8th Annual Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit took place on June 8-10, 2021; however, all conference sessions are available to you on-demand.

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Is the Aviation Industry Ready for 5G?

Initial use case analysis, solution development and deployment of 5G connectivity is occurring right now across multiple segments of the global air transportation industry. Similar to all new advancements and generational leaps of technology, the adoption of new 5G antennas, modems and networks onboard aircraft will face a stringent regulatory testing, performance and certification process. As service providers begin deployments of 5G networks for aviation, this panel will feature some of the major players enabling the transition to 5G aviation connectivity technology within the next few years.

David Fox, Vice President of In-flight and Connectivity Services, Deutsche Telekom Inc.
Ammar Khan, Chief Operating Officer, SkyFive AG
Aditya Chatterjee, Senior Vice President, Aero Segment Market Solutions, SES
Jim MacDougall, Vice President of Product Management, Gogo

The Cost of Making In-flight Internet Free for Commercial Airline Passengers

In-flight Connectivity providers are shifting into their third, fourth and fifth generation networks, but a question among airlines remains, whether those networks will come at a price point that allows passengers to connect for free. On a widespread basis, the cost passengers pay to access in-flight Internet varies, with some carriers using tiered structures, per hour charges or limited access to specific free services like messaging applications. While there are some airlines that make IFC available to passengers for free, the connected aircraft ecosystem still has not established a widespread business model that would allow airlines to make in-flight Internet access free. This panel will provide multiple perspectives on the status of free IFC availability today, and where industry changes can make free IFC available on a more widespread basis.

Tal Kalderon, Head of IFEC, El Al Israel
Craig Olson, Vice President of Connectivity Solutions, Thales InFlyt Experience
David Bijur, Senior Vice President, Commercial Aviation, Intelsat Corp

IFC in the 2020s: Trends and Opportunities

As we approach the second half of the year, it is clear that we start to fly again relatively soon. Airlines can now start to plan with cautious optimism. However, as they slowly ramp up flights and numbers, what will be Connectivity play for airlines both in terms of the passenger experience and operations. Here, we talk the future of IFC.


Tara Bamburg, Senior Business Consultant Customer Experience Strategy, Southwest Airlines
Bret Peyton, Director of Fleet Technology, Alaska Airlines, Inc.
Blane Boynton, Vice President, Product Development, Intelsat Corp

The LEO Revolution is Underway in Satellite: What Does it Mean for Airlines?

We have seen major announcements from SpaceX, Telesat and OneWeb regarding their LEO constellations. The era of LEO is here and what does this mean for the airlines? Will they be looking at the LEO option much more seriously compared to traditional GEO satellites in the future? With a LEO revolution taking place in satellite, we examine how much of an impact these players could have in the IFC arena.

Manik Vinnakota, Director, Commercial and Product Development, Telesat
Ben Griffin, Vice President, Mobility, OneWeb Satellites
Jonathan Hofeller, Vice President of Starlink Commercial Sales, SpaceX

Innovation Streams: Live Demonstrations of New Connected Aircraft Technology Advancements

Based on feedback from our airline-industry advisory board and audience surveys over the last year, the program and events team behind the Global Connected Aircraft Summit continues to see an insatiable demand for knowledge of where technological innovation and advancements are occurring right now in aviation despite the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the industry. This session will feature a new approach to demonstrating that experience, where GCAS event partners have been invited to provide live demonstrations of new advancements in aviation technologies ranging from aircraft connectivity, to data analytics, testing and other segments of the industry.

Chris Bartlett, President, CCX Technologies
Brent King, Flight Operations Efficiency Head, International Air Transport Association
Katsiaryna Vashchankova, Head Operational Data Solutions, International Air Transport Association

Keynote: Building an Airline from the Ground, Up: Culture, Communication and Calculation

Avelo is the first new airline to launch in 15 years in the U.S., with under two months of flying under its belt, but the team is comprised of some of the most seasoned airline industry veterans. Join Victoria Stennes, VP of customer experience at Avelo and former VP of inflight experience at Jet Blue, as she shares the airline’s priorities and learnings – from crew and culture, to technology investment – and what is ahead.

Victoria Stennes, Vice President of Customer Experience, Avelo Airlines

Advancing IFEC and Customer Experience at Finnair

In the years leading up to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Finnair was one of several European airlines investing in constantly upgrading and innovating the in-flight passenger experience with connectivity, mobile applications and other new technologies and concepts. During this interactive session, Tinna Suvanto, head of customer experience development for IFEC at Finnair will provide an update on how they’re still innovating and advancing their IFEC strategy through this period of unprecedented uncertainty for air travel.

Tina Suvanto, Head of Customer Experience IFEC Development, Finnair

Case Study: Air France KLM: Connectivity for the Next Generation Passenger Experience

Air France KLM is one of Europe’s biggest airlines and wants to use connectivity to enhance the passenger experience as we head into a new era. As passengers start to gain more confidence about flying again, will their expectations in terms of the ‘Connected’ experience change? Here we talk to Air France KLM about connectivity 2.0 and how they are developing their IFC strategy going forward.

Sam Krouwer, Senior Product Owner, In-Flight Connectivity, Air France-KLM Group