We have some exciting announcements for the 2020 Global Connected Aircraft Summit!  We have heard you!  We’ve taken your feedback, and we will be making some key changes to the 2020 program that we know will provide you an excellent overall experience. Over the last six years, you’ve gotten to know the Global Connected Aircraft Summit as the one event that is focused exclusively on the connected aircraft. We’re still the only nose-to-tail connected aircraft event that brings together solutions providers with aircraft connectivity professionals and operators to discuss next-generation technologies, security, and data analytics to drive future growth. This year we will drill down into these topics with a two-day event instead of a three-day event that has even MORE content. But that’s not all….

In 2020, you’ll get:

  • Two tracks instead of one to provide more content over two days.
  • Deeper dive technical and business model coverage with emphasis on AI, cyber and data.
  • Solutions discussions that provide ROI driven results.
  • New areas of coverage that will expand into maintenance and flight ops.
  • Real world technical business case studies with airlines, service providers and manufacturers to provide end-to-end solutions.


Our two tracks, the ‘Connected Cockpit and Maintenance,’ and the ‘Connected Cabin and Passenger Experience’ will bring an end user return on investment focus to the following connected aircraft ecosystem elements:
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Connected Aircraft ROI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Growth of IT Support for Flight Ops, Maintenance and Passenger Experience
  • Service Providers, Equipment Makers, Operators: Operational Plenaries

Track 1: Connected Cockpit and Maintenance

Under the Connected Cockpit and Maintenance track, the new opportunities that have been opened to flight operations and maintenance divisions from high speed aircraft connectivity networks will be analysed in technical plenary style connected return on investment focused sessions.  Topics in Focus:
  • How Airlines Can Makes Their Own Flight Ops Apps?
  • The Connected Flight Management System
  • Advancing the Use of Connected EFBs by Pilots
  • Separate SSIDs for Cabin and Cockpit Networks?
  • Internet of Things in Connected Engine Health Monitoring
  • Can the Use of Predicted Maintenance Actually Save Airlines Money?
  • IT Support for Connected Flight Operations
  • Changes in EASA, FAA and Transport Canada Connected Aircraft Regulations:
  • AI and Machine Learning for Connected MRO

Track 2: Connected Cabin and Passenger Experience

Now that the use and availability of in-flight entertainment and connectivity on commercial aircraft is an expected, rather than novelty, aspect of the passenger experience, the Global Connected Aircraft Summit has adjusted its passenger experience and connected cabin aspect to focus on the cutting edge and future facing technologies that are going to enable a new digital wonderland in aircraft cabins across the globe. Topics in Focus:
  • Cybersecurity: Service Provider and Equipment Maker Updates
  • In-flight Cabin Connectivity Troubleshooting
  • What’s Your Connected Cabin Business Model?
  • How Does IFEC Contribute to Airline Net Promoter Scores?
  • Making Connectivity Work for Business Aviation
  • Is Connected Aircraft Equipment Flexible Enough?
  • The Future of GEO, LEO and MEO Satellites
  • Optimizing the Connected Cabin Business Model
  • Artificial Intelligence and Passenger Data
  • Disruptive Passenger Experience IFEC Technologies

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